Educreations on the iPad

It's Your Personal Recordable Whiteboard.

Educreations transforms your iPad into a recordable whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to produce amazing video lessons that you can share online. It's as simple as touching, tapping and talking.

Our handwriting technology renders beautiful digital ink that looks even better than the real thing. Make a mistake? No problem, you can always undo and redo any of your actions.

Illustrate Your Point.

Snap a photo with the iPad camera or choose one from your Photo Library or Dropbox.

Sketch your ideas in 10 beautiful colors as you talk through your lesson.

Need more space? Add as many pages as you like. You'll never run out of room.

Great Ideas. Animated.

Create amazing animations by touching your photos to move and resize them.

Explain a math formula, comment on a famous work of art or diagram some football plays. Whatever it is that you want to teach, now you can do it from anywhere.

Share Your Knowledge.

Finished lessons are hosted on, where you can choose who is able to watch them. Send your lessons to friends, students or colleagues, or share them publicly on and teach the world!